Lots have happened to Facebook API since this tutorial was written. The old script used in the tutorial works in Python 2.7 and is compatible with the older (and outdated) version of Facebook. Also, at the time of tutorial, the Facebook reaction feature was not available. 

Today, I am happy to share an updated script that works in Python 3.3 and the latest Facebook API 2.8. This script was revised by Samuel Kinuthia (https://github.com/mwangikinuthia) and is based on Deen Freelon's fb_scrape_public (https://github.com/dfreelon/fb_scrape_public). Kudos to both! 

Download the script


In this part of the tutorial, we will teach you how to use Python to get all posts and comments from a Facebook page.

Before you start, download the Python code and a JSON output sample